Pet Botanica Grooming Products

The Day Spa

The Snazzy Pet Bed and Biscuit Spa and the canine cosmetologists will provide your snazzy pet with an extra special experience. We believe that looking good is just part of grooming...feeling good is the other!

We use the finest botanical products along with the latest techniques and cleanest equipment. Each snazzy pet is evaluated for skin type, coat texture, and lifestyle, to design a personalized makeover for enhanced health and comfort.

Pet Botanica Grooming ProductsWhile at the day spa, mid day refreshments will be served to all guests (bottled water with an all-natural biscuit).

Day or overnight guests can indulge themselves in an "invigorating bath" with our delightful array of shampoos and conditioners or a full "Day of Beauty". The result is a completely refreshed return home.


Hydrosurge Therapy

Hydrosurge bathing is a revolutionary way of bathing snazzy pets in the new millennium. The exclusive Inject Air Technology fuses a constant supply of fresh water, top quality shampoos, conditioners and air through a specialized venturi.

This unique fusion process produces a sudsing, combing action spray that penetrates into the coat to the skin to break up oils and dirt. It also increases circulation with it's massaging action.

The results are a noticeable radiant sheen, and a coat that's never looked and felt better.

Look Good. Feel Good.


Snazzy Pet Invigorating BathThe Invigorating Bath

Our most popular and delightful treatment. The Invigorating Bath
is given using Hydrosurge Therapy and includes the finest botanical
shampoos and triple conditioning.

$15 and up.


We carry a variety of pure botanical shampoos enhanced with essential oils from brighteners to whiteners to the most gentle hypoallergenic formulas. We also have specialty shampoos for skin and coat problems. Our canine cosmetologists can determine the appropriate shampoo for your snazzy pet.

Triple Conditioning

After thorough shampooing and rinsing, a drenching of "Rejuvenate" botanical conditioner is applied with an infusion of fresh water and air to penetrate the coat and skin. This is followed by our "Glo-coat" leave-on conditioner detangler which repels dirt and protects the coat from damage. We complete the treatment with a botanically enriched, pro vitamin D coat mist containing UVA and UVB sunscreen. All mists are made of essential oils, free of alcohol, detergents and surfactant.

Volume Air Drying

At the Snazzy Pet Bed and Biscuit only volume air is used for drying, never incorporating heat which can damage coat and make your snazzy pet uncomfortably warm.

Green Tea and Mint Finishing Mist

An all natural finishing mist containing plant extracts to enhance coat luster, while clarifying and toning the skin. Contains green tea and mint. Mink oil also available as a finishing mist.

Shedless TreatmentShedless Treatment

Simply unbelievable! Within one or two amazing treatments, your snazzy pet's coat will be relieved of 60-80% of "dead" and unwanted shedding hair between regular groomings.


grooming at the Snazzy PetDay of Beauty

Day of Beauty begins with an invigorating Bath followed by nail clipping,
ear cleaning, dental care and coat styling. We offer custom styling, tailored to fit you pet's lifestyle.

$25 and up

Grooming Option from Snazzy PetThe Works

"The Works" can be added to an Invigorating Bath or Day of Beauty for the ultimate in luxury. "The Works" includes dental care, hot-oil treatments, after-clip lotion and paw wax.


grooming at the Snazzy PetPedicure

A pedicure includes nail trimming, fur trimming between pads and Mushers Secret application.


Snazzy Pet Invigorating BathUltimate Spa Rejuvenation

Add the Ultimate Spa Rejuvenation to an Invigorating Bath or Day of Beauty for a complete spa get-away. Personal whirlpool session with aroma therapy bath salts, hot stone massage, hot-oil treatment and blueberry facial.


A La Carte

Nail trim $8
Ear Cleaning $3-$7
Dental Care $3

Tel: 207.282.9636