Happy Boarding

Happy Boarding Begins with you

We've been told by our guests that staying at The Snazzy Pet Bed and Biscuit is more fun than most people can imagine! As a matter of fact, many snazzy pets can't figure out why their guardians make such a big deal about the whole thing! It seems that "separation anxiety" is most often found in guardians and not in snazzy pets. Of course a snazzy pet will panic when their guardians look like they're "coming apart at the seams" about leaving them.


"It's a vacation....A get-away....A chance to play"


Important Things to Remember

For dogs

1. Bring my own food please (with my name on it). This way, I won't have to worry about a stomach ache or worse (diarrhea).

2. I don't need a lot of toys, just one, preferably latex and not cloth. Besides, The Snazzy Pet Bed and Biscuit have all kinds of toys for purchase in their boutique.

3. What I could use is one of your used t-shirts or socks. The smell doesn't bother me...I kinda like it. It reminds me of you!

4. My bedding is not allowed. I'm not perfect (but pretty close), so if I have a little accident, I'd rather have it on their bedding then my own (they can wash theirs and give me a fresh one if I need it, like being in a hotel! Plus, it's cool to have the same stuff the rest of the gang has.

5. Remember, I'm on vacation too! If you want to get me a few Extras or an Upgrade, I won't mind a bit. The Snazzy Pet Bed and Biscuit have a lot (by popular demand) of extra activities, toys and delicious things to snack on! Hey, you know what they say...you only go around once!

6. Group play is the best. I get to meet other guests, mingle, socialize, romp, roll, wrestle and more. Getting down and dirty is what I do best.

7. Without a doubt, an "Invigorating Bath" before I leave would be great (and probably necessary). After all, you can't expect me to "cut loose" and stay clean can you...well can you?

8. I promise to miss you while I HAVE A TOTAL BLAST, and be happy to see you when you come get me.

9. Just think, "travel light" and I'll be groovy!

10. Lastly, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't make a scene when you leave me. Keep it brief, and upbeat. Otherwise, you'll make me feel guilty for leaving YOU behind!

For Cats

1. First, let everyone know that I'm staying at The Snazzy Pet Bed and Biscuit.

2. If you're gonna call to check on me, don't tell my friends.

3. Because of my intellect and confidence, I enjoy solitude (unlike those canine "things"). I'll take full advantage of my secluded condo and will try the amusements, (if I feel like it).

4. Remember, keep it simple, they've got everything I need.

5. If you must, pack one favorite thing of mine.

6. Make sure I get the best of everything (check out the Extras) while I'm here.

7. Bring MY food.

8. Please be cool when you drop me off.

9. Don't forget to pick me up.

10. Try not to miss me too much while you're gone (of course you'll miss me too much).

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