The Snazzy Pet Resort

Aerial photo by Tom and Jeanne Bryand


Complimentary Hamburgers served on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and

Super Bowl Sunday! Complimentary Thanksgiving feast too!


Top Banana Suite 

Top Banana Suite at Snazzy Pet

Super private, Super spacious and Super comfortable is what this is all about.  The Top Banana Suite will accommodate a dog, a cat, or a cat and a dog together. If your dog can't live with (or without) your cat and your cat feels the same way, they'll love a vacation get-away together. This suite includes it's own private TV, with personal remote for surfing over 70 channels as well as piped in easy listening music. Book early, only one available.


Luxury Suites

Well-appointed luxury suites include special touches like raised beds, pillows, flowers, rugs, and designer dinnerware! In addition to having the finest accommodations, each suite includes it's own Private Veranda" for the ultimate getaway!
*for small to medium size guests

Leopard Suite with private Veranda
Purple Suite with private Veranda

Double Lodging Quarters (2 adjoining rooms)

Double lodging rooms are terrific for accommodating two or more large pets. Each of the two areas, are as large as a single lodging room with the addition of a sliding door built in between which can remain open or lowered if necessary, for feedings and/or sleeping. This is one of our most popular accommodations. Personal belongings area, TV viewing, music and daily maid service included.

Single Lodging Quarter (available with Kuranda Beds)

"Bright, squeaky clean quarters with daily maid service include, a cozy bed, music to unwind to and TV viewing. There's also a personal belongings
area just above.

Other Snazzy Perks

Our climate controlled atmosphere assure the absolute best conditions available. For the comfort of our guests, we offer radiant heated floors for chilly weather and central air-conditioning for the dog days of summer. Once again, Daycare is included at no additional charge for all social guests. Upgrades and A La Carte services complete your pet's stay.

All-inclusive Activities

Outdoor play yard - Ah, fresh air and sunshine and protection from the rain!

Friday-Animal Planet and popcorn to relax and kickback to, it's entertainment at it's finest!

Pheromone Therapy Saturday -To calm, relax, and fascinate their senses!

Holiday and Birthday Celebrations

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