VIP Club



If your snazzy pet participates in our "Doggie Daycare" is a client of our "Grooming Spa" and boards as an overnight guest at our "Bed and Biscuit Lodge", then a free "VIP Membership" automatically awaits your "Very Important Pooch"!!!

VIP Mem bership


Membership Package includes:

"Membership gift"
"Name on VIP page"
"VIP boutique discount"
"Preferred spa booking appointments"
"Free lodging snack pack" with stays of 3+ nights.
"The Works" at no extra charge, with every full grooming.







VIP Club Members
Honorary Members

Bear Perez
Padgett Frechette
Ivy Frechette
Cooper Frechette
Zuess Frechette
Jake Frechette
Shea Poulin
Cokey Johnson
Sebastian Link
McDougal Broyles
Gus Konrad
Scupper Nahil
Dash O'Donnell

Boo Stedman
Blue Daggett
Maggie Kamm
Cilpa Locke
Stu Schiebel
Mobey Hoffman
Bailey Breault
Baby Jones
Rockstar Keller
Schaeffer Flynn
Winston Towne
Zoe Kamm

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