Read Before You Board

For added peace of mind, the owners of Snazzy Pet
live on the premises.


Pets that begin boarding at an early age adjust extremely well.  If they are between 4 and 8 years of age or older, we suggest a trial such as daycare.  This is a great way to determine how they will do with a longer stay.  Dogs (12 and up) generally do better in their own environment and if indicated, we can refer you to an independent pet sitter.

Remember that shopping for price usually means that you get what you pay for.  The Snazzy Pet prides itself on cleanliness, extra activities, Upgrades and A La Carte Services that make your pets stay a total blast!  Just browse through our web site to see!

Make sure that all the information needed is received by us PRIOR TO CHECK IN.  This includes the registration, contract, records of current immunizations (rabies, distemper, and kennel cough, FelQ for cats), telephone number, health problems, and a list of medications he/she will be taking.

WE NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY TYPE OF BEDDING for numerous reasons.  Repeated problems such as "shredding", "soiling", and accidental ingestion are among just a few reasons.  Boarding is a different environment from home and even the best trained pets frequently forget their "manners" when other pets are coveting their belongings.

The Snazzy Pet provides bedding which is clean and disinfected and can be washed on a daily basis if necessary.

We encourage you to bring just ONE of your pet's toys and highly recommend that it be latex as opposed to fabric (for reasons of shredding which could be ingested).  A favorite t-shirt of yours is acceptable but please remember that WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ARTICLES LOST OR DESTROYED.

If it's your pet's favorite anything, leave it home!  This way, he/she will still have it upon return.

Leash your dog and crate your cat at all times for the safety of your pet, other pets and other people, particularly the elderly who could be injured by jumping.  Always be considerate of others. Remember to have your pet "relieve himself/herself" at home and prior to arrival at The Snazzy Pet Bed and Biscuit.

REMEMBER THE FOOD.  Keeping your pet on the same diet and feeding schedule is important for their gastrointestinal health.

When checking in, NO SCENE PLEASE.  Tears and drama will affect your pet's stay (that's your tears and drama......not theirs).  Your pet will start to think that something is wrong and may become frightened or anxious.  Drop off should consist of a nice pat on the head, a quick kiss and an "I'll be back soon"!  That's it.  Make it upbeat and happy!

Check our hours of operation and don't ask because.... THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

INVIGORATING BATHS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED prior to discharge.  Remember our facility has ceramic tile and concrete floors (for easy cleaning and sanitation) and that pets may not be experienced in avoiding their "puddles" and "deposits".  Also squatting can result in "wet bottoms".    Group play with all it's jumping, rolling and drooling can often leave a less than desired smell as well.  For a guaranteed "fresh pet", insist on an invigorating bath before picking up. You'll be much happier taking a clean, great smelling pet home!

GROOMING is available on a limited basis and cost will be determined upon evaluation of your pet.

When picking up your pet, please make your greeting joyous but brief.  The celebration can continue once you exit our small reception area.  Our shelves and products will thank you!

Tel: 207.282.9636

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